Introducing…. MissRon80 on WordPress!

I know!  I’m finally here!

My site still needs a bit of work but it’s looking good thanks to help from the ever wonderful Kittyinaz.  At the moment the only thing posted here is The Best is Yet to Come; the story I’m helping her with but as i gain more confidence to write my own, they will be posted here also.  I do have a Doctor Who one shot I’ve done and a 7-8 chapter one I started, lost and never had the heart to finish again but this just may be the motivation I need!

So thanks my faithful few for popping over and taking a look.  I can’t promise fun, but I can promise eyecandy……..

wet hatter

(I’m sorry…..was someone saying something?)


(Unf…….. I’m sorry.  What was I saying?)




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