I WON!!!!!!!!


Hello my faithful few!  My first time sending a post….very exciting.

Basically, the lovely Kittyinaz has started a fun comp called KILL BILL where the aim of the game is to write a one-shot where the writers… kill Bill.  I haven’t been that excited about something since Eric went frolicking in the water and adorably spoke to metaphorical crocodiles.  It is no secret I hate Bill so I unleashed all my hatred on him in this one little fic…. and I won!  Was and am very excited.  Had to blow the cobwebs away to write it but even with the squeak in the gearbox I think it turned out pretty well….. so, you know how this works.  Clicky on the above pic to get taken to the story for your reading pleasure.

Meanwhile, I don’t think I’m alone when i say the above pic represents possible the best.  scene.  ever.  So many happys occurred…………




2 thoughts on “I WON!!!!!!!!

  1. Congrats!

    BTW – love the hello my faithful few – I feel the same about my wordpress site – so I’ll click to follow you – you can do the same and we’ll build our numbers slowly….

  2. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please tell me that’s sookie stabbing bill in the pic. does that mean ( fully realizing i haven’t seen the show yet ) that she picks eric?


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