WordPress is getting a workout……

So…..another post from me 24 hours later.  Craaaaaazy!  It is NOT another FFF however; this is my Doctor Who stuff.  Uhhuh.  Before I discovered the pectorals and biceps of Alexander Skarsgard I was massively in love with David Tennant.  He’s a dweeby white boy but gosh darn he’s adorable!

That hair!

dt hair

That accent!


Those clothes!

david-tennant clothes

Everything about him made this little fangirls heart beat a little faster.  And so, I wrote some fanfiction.  Nothing spectacular.  The stories behind them are on each fic so yeah.

Read, enjoy, lemme know what you all think.   Imma go back to staring at a certain someones muscles now………


P.S.  I still need to add Next’s and Previous’s and all that jazz.  It’s coming, I promise!!!!!


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