Uh oh. I’m at it again





Before I say anything else, please allow me to mention the following disclaimer:

WARNING:  Wendy.  Do not read if you wish your muse to remain happy!!!!

Thanks, that just needed to be said.  Now, where were we.  Ah yes.  My muse has been a prolific beast this week.  A combination of boredom, exhaustion and stress can oftentimes equal a very strange goings on in the mind of MissRon.  Todays post is one such example.  I was driving home from work randomly reading various snippets on facebook whenever I stopped at traffic lights when I stumbled across a particularly harsh review of a certain recently released book written by a certain evil cane toad who shall remain nameless.  Needless to say, I found great joy in reading how much people hate this new ‘book’ (pamphlet).  Anyway, something in this persons review got my brain working and by the time I got home I was chuckling away to myself (because the voices in my head just won’t stop playing Funky Town.)

It’s nothing much, just a little something that will hopefully bring a smile to someones face today / tonight.  Enjoy!




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