No Story – just a chat

Hello everyone!

I don’t actually have anything for you all to read today except this post here.  Hope that is alright.

Firstly, thanks to the few authors who read my first couple fics and didn’t get offended…..especially those who use polyvore.  It really is a personal pet peeve of mine and I find it really really distracting and feels like I’m being treated like an idiot.  As an example, what follows is an actual conversation that occured recently on the topic of polyvore:

FRIEND #1 – I’m surprised they didn’t SHOW us what color nail polish she wore and the design she shaved into her pubes:  <INSERT PICTURE BEING DISCUSSED – REMOVED TO PROTECT AUTHORS IDENTITY>

ME:  Bwahahahaha. Duh what’s those roundish things at the bottom??? (referring to some sunglasses. )  And you know <author> doesn’t care what people think.

FRIEND #2:  Why now?

ME:  Oh ffs ammo?!?! She needs to show us ammo? *permanent headdesk*

FRIEND #2:  Lol

FRIEND # 3:  Lol

FRIEND #1:  Wow – so THAT’S what sun glasses look like…I’d BEEN wondering…  Ohh! Now I know what a knife and a pair of panties looks like, too!!!

FRIEND #4:  Liar!! You have no idea what they are!!

FRIEND #3:  I’m kind of scared about the wig/hair… if you’re fighting supernatural creatures, no way your hair is that cute.

FRIEND #1:  See?

FRIEND #4:  Lol

FRIEND #1:  It’s missing some blood and brain-matter…

FRIEND #2:  Lol

FRIEND #1:  Ya know??  I’m sure that bra’s gonna help a lot…

FRIEND #4:  not as much as the shoes though

FRIEND #1:  Ohhh, just lemme sling my shotgun over ma shoulder and *giggle* fix my hair…


FRIEND #2: *thumbs up*

FRIEND #4:  See I don’t go that far with polyvore!!


ME:  I love you women

FRIEND #4:  Really????

FRIEND #2:  Love you all more!!

FRIEND #4:  I never knew….

FRIEND #2:  I’m particularly fond of the shotgun shells she uses… you know, in case you want to fight supernatural creatures and need some ammo, now you know what to buy.

FRIEND #2:  Now I have to go look

ME:  You are all why I’ve been writing my whimsical fics

FRIEND #1:  You can now, because of her benevolence, look at bunches of boxes of ammo and can now pick out by picture the box you need!!  All she’s lacking is the nail file to dig supernaturals out from under her undoubtedly long nails.

FRIEND #2:  At least she’s not wearing heels

FRIEND #4:  Ugh

FRIEND #1:  Brb…gonna cry into my peach green tea…

As you can see, we don’t hold back when we get frustrated.  It might seem bitchy but when you read and see the same pet peeve repeated over and over again, you do kind of reach a point where you have to let it out or explode.  As I said through Sookie, using it to show a special occasion outfit (wedding, formal occasion), that’s fine.  Required even.  But every single chapter having an example of the boring everyday clothes the characters wear?  AAAAGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!  So yes, to those who did ask me, YES, actual real conversations have occurred over this and no, it isn’t just me.
The second reason for this post is a bit of an announcement,  I’ve had an idea for a Sookie / Eric fic for over a year now.  It’s been rattling around in my mind and I have tried very very hard to ignore it.  There are reasons I stopped writing over ten years ago, none of them probably good ones, but I have missed writing every single day since then.  Because of it, I am very rusty on the poor old grammar, punctuation etc and stare with longing at various fan fiction sites that others are doing what I miss doing.  So, I started writing my whimsical little one shots.  There will be more of these, not sure how many because already I’ve had one throw itself into the mix that wasn’t planned, and I have basically been using these to flex the old brain muscles.  I have also been using them to gauge how people respond to my writing.  It’s early days yet but I feel quite chuffed at the response I have received.  What this means is that I have finally plucked up the courage to start my bigger fic.  No clue how big it will be, no clue how long it will take me, but I am going to start.  However, because one of my personal pet peeves are stories that take FOREVER to update and even worse, years, I won’t start posting this one until I have a HUGE chunk of it done as a buffer in case anything crops up like this year.  (Parental illness, whooping cough, pneumonia, random cough that won’t go away, fibromyalgia flare-ups, depression etc).  In the meantime, I will throw out occasional one-shots and other wacko things for my own amusement.  (Seriously, I write what I want to read and already this week I have laughed manically at Sexcapade Similes when I’ve needed a laugh).
So that is all.  Nothing exciting.  Just an update.  Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!

3 thoughts on “No Story – just a chat

  1. *insert glorified snort here*…*and a giggle*…*or 2*

    I did a Polyvore yesterday for Andre, but then, it’s the first set I’ve ever done for a character, and may well be the last. 99% of the time I’d much rather either use my words to describe and go on, or leave it to the reader’s lovely imagination altogether.

  2. I’ll read anything you choose to share with us…even if there’s a Polyvore entry after every chapter! LOL

    I do wonder sometimes when I read stories with an outfit for every chapter, how do these Sookies afford to wear something different (especially the more expensive items like jackets, shoes and purses)every single day? Especially since so many of them wait tables for a living.

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