A one-shot for your reading pleasure.

Hello all!  What a glorious Thursday!  It is yet another slow and boring day at work which means One-Shot Day!  This time it isn’t a FFF though.  No.  This is something I didn’t think I would EVER write.

Short bit of background:  I HATE Bella from Twilight.  HAAAAAAAAATE her.  Won’t go into it as it’s covered in today’s fic but that’s the blunt end of the stick.  Can’t stand her.  Personally, that’s fine.  No harm no foul.  ‘Professionally’ though it’s bad.  You see my beloved Wendy who I beta for has Bella fics.  Hopefully all of you have read and reviewed them.  They are AWESOME stories but I have a hard time getting into them because of Bella.  I try, god knows I try, but it colours the way I read the fics.  This sucks because I LOVE her stories and the ideas she has are amazing and I love what she does.  Because I hate Bella though, and she knows it, this can mean I get rather bitchy when Bella is mentioned.  And passionate.  And it has to stop.  If it derails Wendy muse, I must have no part of it.  So this morning as I got ready for work, I came up with this idea for a one-shot and luckily work was boring enough that it got written.

So I bring you Ball-busting Bella.  Enjoy!



One thought on “A one-shot for your reading pleasure.

  1. Can’t help it. I hate Bella too. By the 2nd book, I wanted to reach in & just slap the shit out of her. By the end of the books, I couldn’t figure out how she hadn’t been killed long before then just to be put of her own misery.

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