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Greetings all.  No, I haven’t written anything.  Sorry.  The ideas are rattling around in there but pain level being what it is I doubt you would all be interested in reading a story that consisted of the word OW.

No, I am writing this post for a different reason.  Allan Hyde.  Yummmmmmm.  You may all know him as Godric; the best thing that True Blood writers ever did for that show was create this character.  Ok, and cast Alex.  TWO things.  Just the two.  Oh, and got us a peek at what was inside those sinfully tight jeans Alex wears so three things. (Mentally does a tally).  Yup.  Three things.  Just the three.  (Head tilted to side, far-away look in eyes, drool pooling at corner of mouth.)

Sorry!  Where was I?  Ah yes, Allan Hyde.  For a young fella he is very talented.  He has a number of short films on YouTube that I encourage you to go watch if you haven’t seen them already.  Keep in mind he’s from Europe so they may be a bit odd and different than you are used too.  Anyway, he is attending film school at the moment and he has written a short film that has been entered into a film festival over there but it hasn’t been filmed yet.  He and his crew need to raise $2,800 by Christmas.  No matter if the money gets raised the film gets made but the money can mean the difference between a “yeah, that’s all right” short and a ‘wowsers’ short.  When the appeal went live to raise funds, they managed to get half in just one day…….and there the amount has stayed.  For three days now it hasn’t moved and while yes, there is 24 days to go until the deadline, I would love to see them make their goal and exceed it well before that date.  I’ve donated and am happy to support him, not only as a fan but because the topic he has written the short about sounds quite interesting.  Challenging for some, but interesting.  And I want the personal Thank-you email from him dammit!  Allan knowing my name?!  *fan-girl squeal*

So yes.  I encourage you all to head over to the site to take a look, read the info there and donate if you can.  (If 160 people gave just $10 each he will reach the goal).  I’d like to support the little fella not only because my eyes could happily stay glued to him all day, (sorry Karen and hubs), but because he is talented and I would love to encourage that talent.  Clicky on the pic below to get taken to the site.  Happy donating!!





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