Something to cheer myself up

So, I’ve had a shitty few weeks at work.  I’m unwell.  Getting snide comments about my weight gain.  Etc.  This basically means I have a fuse shorter than Bill Comptons’ tackle and a care factor of less than zero.

To cheer myself up at 3am when I’m wide awake because my body doesn’t remember how to sleep, I’ve been reading a new fic.  It’s actually quite good and I’ve been enjoying it apart from the authors annoying habit of mixing up her own characters so she refers to wrong people all over the shop.  (At 3am with the attention span I have, it really wrecks the rhythm of reading and takes me a few mins to get back into it).

Reading it however, I find that I am coming across errors that are constantly being made in too many fics.  Am I being picky?  Probably.  Am I being a massive bitch?  Most likely.  However while I agree that language ‘evolves’, (devolves if you ask me), the fact is that well known phrases and common words being used in correctly ALL THE TIME!  The one that drives me nuts the most is ‘Could care less’.  It’s COULDN’T people!!!!!!!

Anyhoo, to keep myself sane during work and to stop myself from stabbing about three people with a pencil, I started a list of things that are misused frequently in fanfiction.  I’ll most likely add to this over time but have fun reading what I have.  If you have any you can think of, feel free to email me at and I’ll add it to the list!




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