I have followers?!?!?!

I, once again, have nothing new to post but since I seem to be gaining quite a few followers, (?!?!?!), I thought I would introduce myself so to speak, and explain a few things.

I’m a female, Australian and have a huge love for SciFi.  LOVE it.  I am a massive geek and often attend conventions where I squee like a Justin Bieber tween fan-girl.  (The people I squee over though are usually both talented AND nice so I’m already winning over those poor poor girls)

I have a Bachelor of Journalism degree which I only got because at the time there was only FOUR subjects difference between it and Creative Writing, (tells you a lot about Journalism), so decided to get a degree I could maybe one day use.  (Yeah, never used it and my hatred for journalists was never higher than when I was studying).

I have been reading since I was a kiddie and to give you a bit of an idea of what I mean by reading: in grade two I was reading books meant for the grade sevens and by grade seven the librarian was bringing books from home for me to read.  (I tackled and finished Les Miserables in 2.5 days).  My current reading record stands at 16 books in 14 days and one of those books was again, Les Mis.

I wanted to be a writer for as long as I could remember but along the way, people, my church and life in general basically made me believe that it was a stupid dream and that I should be more practical, get a ‘real’ job and settle into life.  According to the life plan I was meant to be married at 25, first baby at 27, next baby at 29 and the rest negotiable from there.   I am now in my early 30’s and have been on ONE date my entire life and that was last year.  Also last year, I met the wonderful Wendy (aka Kittyinaz).  I still don’t quite remember how it happened but I loved In the End, joined her facebook page, put my hand up to help beta and BAM!, I suddenly meet a group of women I love more than probably is healthy for people I have never physically met.  Knowing these women has been extremely rewarding for dozens of reasons but the main one is that they reignited my love of writing.  Now I am 14 years rusty, with ideas bouncing around in my head too numerous to count, and fear of failure that has only grown over the years.  With their encouragement though, as you have witnessed, I have begun occasionally churning out the odd one-shot or seven.

I can be extremely sarcastic which is evidenced by my short fics.  I love to read, and I love Askars, so combine the two and I will devour pretty much anything.  This meant that I was putting up with a lot of crap in the fics simply to get my Eric fix.  One of my glorious pals, (she knows who she is), helped me to see this was baaaaaaaaad.  Once I realised the sort of stuff that was being churned out story after story after story, I grew frustrated.  Authors that once wrote phenomenal stories, have now DEVOLVED into Porn without Plot.  Phrases, character descriptions and events keep happening over and over and over in each and every story.  The amazing stories have stopped being updated with only the eh ones left and I for one am so saddened that this has occurred.  So I have decided to try my hand at a full on fic.  This will be the first time in probably 20 years that I have attempted anything longer than one chapter so I am really quite nervous about it.

I need to explain something though: I won’t start publishing this until it is either completed or very close to it.  There are several reasons for this and they are as follows:

 1. My priorities in order are work (ick), betaing for Wendy, banner making for Wendy, pic finding for Wendy then my story.  I have a few bits written out and planned already that I am working on but feel like mine can wait since noone knows it exists yet.  Wendy’s on the other hand are already on the go so they win.

  • 2. I have several medical conditions including chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.  On any given day I am beyond exhausted and in so much pain I feel like small creatures are living in my various joints.  I also have bad memory fog which means I can go days before I remember that there was something I was meant to do so need reminders constantly to stay on task.  I’ve been battling a mystery illness for a number of months now which also isn’t helping so yeah, health not good.


What the above means is that I am not sure when this big ol’ scary fic will be written, let alone published, but my goal is to have something resembling a completed story by the middle of the year.  In the meantime though, I will continue to occasionally throw out the odd short story for shits and giggles.  I do ask that you are all patient with me though.  I’m am the tortoise in that I am slow and steady and eventually win the race but it takes me time to get there.

Thank you all for following me.  I can’t believe my random little whines have had so many views and that people liked them enough to follow me.  I really do appreciate it and love you all for it.

As a thank you, I shall leave you with the picture that is currently the wallpaper for my phone, laptop, printed out next to my bed and taped to my document stand at work.  I have very likely wasted hours staring at this picture but hot damn, my eyes are happy for it.




8 thoughts on “I have followers?!?!?!

  1. Oh Miss Ron! Not sure I’m able to adequately describe an emotion that I feel about people who would even attempt to suppress a child’s creativity or so-called friends & family who would deem your dreams as “stupid!” Shame on them! Your dreams are not stupid, nor are the dreams of any other person (unless those dreams are psychotic or criminal & carried out…Yikes!) I’m happy that you’ve made the choice to follow them. There is untapped creativity in you. Let it out!

    I’m thrilled to see that you’re writing a story and not posting it until completion. You have followed your dream and you’ve caught it! You are a writer. You’re a fantastic writer! I love your “rants,” and your oneshots, and I have complete faith that your “big ol’ scary fic” will be as impressive as everything else.

    I understand about your health conditions. I have the same. It sounds as if you’re experiencing “fibro fog” as we call it. Between the meds & fibro fog, it’s crazy. …What did I come into this room for?…I left (insert whatever it was) it right here, I swear…It’s Monday; I thought it was Saturday… Sound familiar? My husband & I just laugh about it now; he used to get really irritated & couldn’t understand, as if I wasn’t frustrated! I had him read online research & he now understands; now we just laugh, and say “It’s in the fog!” It will come back just when you start something else.

    You take care, and don’t overwork your hands! I look forward to reading your story when it’s complete. In the meantime, I wish you a less pain-filled Monday!

  2. Well wifey there are no words to describe how glad I am that we “met” and am so thankful everyday that we did!!!! You know that I can’t wait to read the big, scary story and squeee at the thought of it’s total epicness!! And I know that the future is safe cause wifey already lived it!!! And we both know that the she who was previously mentioned knows who she is, and was probably giving an evil cackle when she read that!!

  3. I just have to ask…what kind of place to you work where you can tack up that picture at your desk? I ask because I want to work someplace like that, too! The best I can do is a very hot pic of Eric and Sookie as the wallpaper on my phone, which I can sneak a peek at every once in awhile. I would be ragged endlessly (and possibly officially reprimanded) for having a picture of a half-naked ASkars on display at my desk. So instead I have to be content with pictures of my kids (they’re cute and all, but not exactly as “inspiring” as a nearly-naked Viking! 😉 )

  4. So I know you posted this a while back, but I just read it and thought I’d leave you a note. I understand you completely about the illnesses. I have Chronic Epstein Barr tied with CFS and Fibromyalgia as well. I struggle with the fogs as well. It can be frustrating. At this point it is looking like I won’t be finishing up my master’s thesis because of the struggle with these illnesses that most professors see as slacking off since you don’t look physically ill. With that change comes the new ‘what do I do with my life now’ question. It is always stressful when people don’t understand why you sit and read all day or lay on the couch because taking a shower does you in for the day. Also, I just moved back to the states from a stint in Australia 🙂 Hope you get to feeling better.

    • Thanks for your comment! CFS and Fibro suck balls to put it lightly. Having had glandular fever 16 ish years ago started the ball rolling on those so yeah, thanks mono!

      People who do not suffer from these illnesses really don’t have an idea of how hard it is to do normal, everyday things like shower, get dressed, eat! A friend of mine found a website about the Spoon Theory which describes our struggles perfectly.

      Hope you enjoyed your time here in the great land downunder. And that you enjoyed your time here! thanks for stopping by.

      • I got mine from mono too in the 10th grade! It took them over 10 years to diagnose as something other than depression.Reading stories from both you and kittyinaz and the likes really keep me going during the day. I hope that I can one day figure out a way to write also, so other people have a chance to get away from it all for a short time.

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