You guys!!!!!!

Who has the best friends ever????  I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As some of you may have noticed, I gots a pretty new theme on my site here today.  I still has to play with it and make it sexier with pics of Alex but squee for it being just so dang pretty now!  My gorgeous co-beta friends, Wendy and the ever awesome WordPress Whisperer Robin surprised me with it today.  I won’t show you actual pictures of my reaction a) because I didn’t take any and b) snot was involved.  (Do people realised how hard it is to hide a happy sob snot-fest when trying to write a report, enter reports and have managers hovering around you?)

I have been drooling over this theme for MONTHS but could never justify getting it.  I has zero idea what I did to deserve it but I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I responded to them like this:



Responded at work like this:


(Managers hovering people!!!!!)

In my brain, I responded like this:






giphy (2)

giphy (1)



Thank you ladies.  I have no idea why but thank-you!  I has been a grumpy, emotional, tired whiny cry-baby lately but I love you all immensely and as I keep saying, my life is better for having met you!

Now I has pretties to play with upon my return home!  Squeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “You guys!!!!!!

  1. You think I had anything to do with this? Nope. I just acted like some of those pics when Robin asked when you got up. So… Thank Robin. I am SOOOOO freaking happy you are happy

  2. Love you wifey!!! I’m glad you like your surprise!!!! Even better I got to use my first ever wifey vote by proxy!!!!! And in doing so you got your pretty new theme, which you totally deserve btw!!! I jumped at it when Robin the amazing suggested it!!!!!!!!!! And I still say that your reaction to us was Best Reaction Ever!!!

  3. It is because we all Love you!!! And know that we would do anything that we can for you! Play and enjoy it and whenever I get a day off from this evil place called work….I will join in the fun!!!

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