Oh my goodness, she posted again!

Greetings all.

So, I am completely in love with the song She Wolf ever since it was used to advertise Downton Abby.  LOVE Downton Abby.  Anyway, fell in love with the song and have listened to it, oh, a few times.  *snort at few*

From the moment I heard it however, it has seemed to me that it is a song about Pam and her feelings for Eric; Sookie being the She Wolf who stole him away.  After having that bugger rattle around in my head for weeks, I finally decided to just get it down and away from me so I can go back to trying to do the other things I need / want to.

I am still in the throes of tests etc in an attempt to pinpoint why I feel like crap 99.999% of the time as an aside to the fibro I already suffer so I’m not reliable posting-wise.  I love a good update like the next person but I just can’t push myself at the moment as much as I would like to.  Thank you to those who are following my little site here.  I apologise that I don’t have much for you all to read and am grateful you followed me anyway.  I do have ideas running about that I am dying to get down on paper but they are just going to have to wait their own darn turn.

I hope you all enjoy this little one-shot.  It’s not my best work but I gave it a go through the exhaustion that is my new best-friend.

Happy reading!


fairy vagina


4 thoughts on “Oh my goodness, she posted again!

  1. Always love Pam! So, so, so sorry to read that you’re yet another one with fibro. You’re so young! Don’t know how long you’ve had this terrible & mysterious disease that slowly sucks away the energy from one’s life, but it takes years to adapt. As a 15-year diagnosed fibro-fogger, I won’t tell you that it ever gets any better. The way you think about it can. To quote my rheumatologist, “Sleep is good.” Pain meds are useless though low dose muscle relaxers may help. The advertised fibro meds? I was on some of them long ago before they became the new fibro meds. It’s not safe to take SSRI antidepressants if one is not clinically depressed. As for the others? They didn’t work for me either. I thought I’d end up divorced after less than a week on Lyrica. I’ll take fibro fog over whatever world I was in with that stuff! That’s not to say they wouldn’t work for you. Yoga is wonderful for light stretching and relaxation, not the major bending and stretching of it – you’ll get hurt. Exercise? Only if you’re able, but walking when you’re feeling up to it is good. If you don’t feel well, admit it and don’t push it. For those who may not understand, simply tell them to live in your body for a day and ignore their comments. You’ve probably already been tested for everything under the sun, right? Find a good rheumatologist familiar with this autoimmune disease, and be aware that it is one. A good one with whom you’re comfortable makes all the difference.
    I wish you no cold rainy days, warm, sunny days with low humidity, nights with full, restful sleep, nothing lost in the fibro fog, and most of all, less and less pain. I’m waving my magic wand!
    My life is an adventure every morning; with this, ! wouldn’t have it any other way! I’ll be keeping you in my prayers.
    Peace & Laughter!

    • I’ve had fibro since i was 18 so thats, what, sixteen years now. I wont touch Lyrica with a ten foot pole after i read that 1 in only 500 suffer from suicidal thoughts and actions as a side effect! Eeep! Noooo thankyou! I actually took a different mind set from the time i was diagnosed in that i wouldn’t take anything for it. Some doctors think this is why i’m doing better than most. Its only started getting worse in the last two years. All the weight i lost crept back on, i havent slept a decent 8 hours in 7 ish years, and the pain levels are rising. But being single i have to keep plugging away! It sucks because noone really understands unless they suffer it also. I’m so lucky because i’m a double banger and have chronic fatigue also! Yippee!

      Am waiting for an endocrinologist appointment at the mo as they may have some answers but its a waiting game.

      Thanks for the encouraging words though. Its nice to not feel alone in it all

      • Oh my goodness! That’s awful…growing up into your young adult years with this! I think chronic fatigue goes hand-in-hand with it. Never done so much sleeping, or attempting to, in my life. My dr. & I have the same mindset – no drugs. They don’t work for fibro. About 4 years ago, we decided to go with the muscle relaxer. It does help for sleep…so elusive! I take an occasional med vaca but see a difference. 2 years ago, we added Vicodin to my tx.regimen. I have osteoarthritis & deteriorating bone disease now and refuse anymore steroids! Weight gain, weight loss. Forget it! I’m lucky in one way; I’m allergic to opiates and synthetic ones are dangerous to take with my meds for other conditions. Taken only when I’m absolutely sure it’s going to be a bad stretch. They get predictable! Sometimes enough to take just the edge off leaving me feeling…not exactly comfortable, but I can get out of bed. I was a single, working mom when first diagnosed, then started dating & married my current hubby. Couldn’t have a more loving, supportive partner; so patient at times & a great help around the house. I no longer work – that stress & the kids grown & gone helps greatly! Good luck with the endocrinologist. I hope you get some answers. You so are not alone! There’re thousands of us with this crazy disease! My friends I’ve made who have it all support & laugh with one another, sharing stories of foggy times & frustration. Screw those who don’t understand. Why care what they think? Not our job to educate the ignorant.

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