Something random for a Wednesday

So, it is kind of disturbing the way Google works.  I was just looking up images for my Kill Bill 2 story and my banner for the first one popped up.  Eeeep!  Nowhere near as disturbing as the time I was googling pictures of The Labyrinth only to come across a picture of me standing in the doorway of the Green Gables house on PEI from my facebook account.  From an album that was set to Private.  Bigger Eeeeep!

Anyway, the real reason I am posting is that I am excited.  You see, at times I have been known to have the most random brilliant ideas.  I had one such idea last week as I drove home from work.  I went straight to the shops, bought the item I wanted, went home, set it up and imagine my joy when it worked!!!!  A bluetooth keyboard can indeed link to my iPhone which means I CAN use it to type up stories!  SQUEEEEE!!!!!!  Even better, the next day at work, the very nice IT man donated to me a monitor, a VERY basic computer thingy that is a computer that isn’t a computer, (I dunno.  I’m not technical), and all the bits to hook it up!  So while I don’t exactly have a computer at home again, I do at least have a way to write that isn’t using my lunchtime at work.  Yay more!

I am already mostly done tidying up Kill Bill 2, have been making notes for three more FFF’s and have been starting to type up my notes for my first long fic.  I really do need to slow down though because I am averaging 2 hours sleep a night which is not good.  If only I were married so I could make my hubby work while I got to sit at home writing.  Alas, even though I am medically not supposed to work full-time, I must due to pesky things like bills and needing to eat and not go outside naked.

So expect Kill Bill 2 within the week.  The FFF sometime over the next 6 weeks and the original fic sometime after that.

Anyhoo, that is all.  Thank-you to my new followers.  I really do appreciate each and every one of you.  I don’t pretend to be a great literary author but I am glad that you all find my writing worthy of your time.  That to me is the best gift of all.

Have a great week everyone!  Oh!  As I am in Australia and TB only shows on a pay tv channel that maybe 5% of the country subscribe to, if anyone wants to email me spoilers, feel free!  I love a good spoiler or seven!!!


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