Because A Treat is What We Need

Hello all.

So as most of you should know, I am in Australia and therefore not able to watch the current eps of TB. (Not that it looks like I am missing anything from things I have read).  If I had a computer I would be ensuring I was ‘backing the episodes up from the internet’ so I could watch them and laugh; alas, I do not, so cannot.  Anyhoo, one of my fave fanfic authors, California Kat is doing a fun ‘drinking game/episode blogging’ thing each week so I’ve been having fun just wandering along after the ep has aired and reading all the comments so I can laugh heartily and headdesk at the stupidity that is Sookie/Bill/the TB writers.  I’ve had several theories for a while in regards to this final season and I’ve added my comments to CK’s blog as I go.  This afternoon I realized, “Duh!  I have my OWN blog.  I can blurt it all out there!!!


20/07/14. I realised i left something off my theory post the other day.  Ooops!  Amended and ready for reading.

So, I give you:  MissRon’s Theories on the Final Season of

False Suck


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