Too Funny to NOT Share

Just a very quick post.

One thing you all do not know about me is my love for Weird Al. He is proof that if you can make a girl laugh, you can become the sexiest guy in the world and he is a close second to hubs most days.

Now, he has just released a new video that is AWESOME! He actually addresses things in here I bitch about! It’s a song about grammar called Word Crimes. The only negative thing about it is that he is using the tune of that terrible Robin Thicke song. *shudder*

Now, still have no idea if or how I can imbed a video into a post from my phone, so here is the link! Enjoy!

Weird Al – Word Crimes :


One thought on “Too Funny to NOT Share

  1. I love Weird Al. He’s kept me laughing for over 30 years. Such a talented man who makes us laugh by using current events to showcase his creativity. I’m one of these woman who believe that a man who makes you laugh is a keeper! My husband made me laugh on our first date, and he’s been doing so every day, 15 years later. It’s one of the best qualities a man can have! Laugh, laugh away!

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