An actual fic!!!!

Oh my lord the world has turned on its axis and a pig just flew passed my window with a fat woman singing on its back.  I am indeed posting an actual fic!  (Cue resounding applause, fireworks and confetti falling from ceiling).  A miracle, I know!  You can all thank a very quiet day at work for this one.

This is Kill Bill 3.  But where is Kill Bill 2 I hear you say.  Well, funny story, I may have accidentally sort of deleted one of my drafts of it which also happened to be the most complete draft.  Sigh.  So I am in the process of putting it all back together.  grrrrrr.  This one however, has a funny story.

Someone on one of the blogs I read posted the question that is Bill had to die, how would you like it to be done, and I posted a rather bland and boring death which is also hilarious it its stupidity because Bill deserves nothing less.  As soon as I posted it my brain went, Kill Bill 3!!!!  And so this fic was born.

Hope you like it.  It certainly tickles my funny bone.


PS.  Scary diet to fix mile long symptoms seems to be helping.  Heartburn less, more alert, less moody, less tired, tad more energy, feet swelling less etc plus lost a little over 5kgs of weight.  (Roughly 11 pounds).  the weight loss is being slow but still happy with the progress.  squeeeee




One thought on “An actual fic!!!!

  1. So happy to read of the good news that the diet seems to helping! I think of you often, and am keeping you in my prayers for relief of all of these horrible things. You give me hope with all of your optimism throughout your ordeal. Stay positive, and keep us posted! All the best!

    Now let’s see how you KILL BILL this time… Love the banner of Sookie, btw!

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