Plagiarism for Profit

I am so disgusted when people resort to stealing someone elses ideas.


To my dearest virtual friends…

I’m so angry right now that I can barely write. Two weeks ago, a reader informed me that an author over in Vampire Diaries had lifted some of my work from Pretty Kitty and rewritten it into their own (horrible) story. I messaged and confronted them, and the work was promptly taken down.

It got me thinking…how often is my work plagiarized? So I Googled a few lines of my stuff, just to see what would come up… and I found something that made me sick.

Someone named Alexandra Anthony is SELLING my work in her own books called The Vampire Destiny series. You can buy them on Amazon and B&N, for fuck’s sake. I’ve written to the author directly through Facebook and told her to delete my work from her stuff before I contact Amazon and B&N, but honestly, the stuff is already out…

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2 thoughts on “Plagiarism for Profit

  1. The very act of plagiarism insults not only the author, but the reader(s) who spend money on these acts of what is essentially theft. People really do need to be more aware of this, and must be proactive once the act itself has been recognized. It is so uplifting to see so many of you supporting Ficlet during this most difficult time. Although I’m not a writer, I’m doing my best to assist her in legal research as well as the book research. This woman, as with many others, needs to be stopped. Thank you for carrying this topic on you

    • I too have been helping out with my ninja speed reading and googling skills. Alas a screaming headache since saturday has slowed me down but it has been nice feeling useful again

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