This does not bode well

So, I am obsessed with tvtag (previously getglue). I am still sad they stopped sending out physical copies of the ‘stickers’ but it hasn’t stopped me from still collecting just in case they ever bring it back.

Anyhoo, i’ve been miffed with the True Blood stickers all season. We’ve had several Sookies, a Tara, a Laf, an Alcide, a Sookie and Bill and last week, ick, a Bill. NO ERIC?!?!?! Which is weird because there is usually ALWAYS at least one or two Eric and last season, there was a whole bunch in the count down to the last ep. Like 6-8.

So, part of me was waiting for the release of the finale sticker because for some reason I had decided that would be where we got the Eric sticker finally and would herald a tiny bit of hope for the Eric end we want. The sticker is released. It’s Bill. Two Bill stickers in a row and no Eric at all. To use a famous Aussie line: Not. Happy. Jan!!!!!!

So now that teeny part of me which held hope is now converted to complete loathing because somehow Beehl is gonna ‘win’.

I wish I could drink so I could join in in CK’s drinking game but alas, allergy to alcohol prevents me. So I shall drown my sorrows in corn chips instead.

Now, if anyone needs me, I’ll be sitting, fully clothed, in my running shower banging my head against the tiles.

*mumbles as wandering off, “stupid tb. Stupid ch. Stupid everyone for making me love eric. Bless Alex and his too good for that show acting ability……”


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