Well, that was boring

So, I haven’t actually SEEN the finale which just aired but I did follow along with California Kats thread as always and from what I have read, and seen on fb, I really didn’t miss much.

From what I can gather, we have been left with an ending which is just as unsatisfying as the book series, but at least Eric hasn’t been sold into slavery.

Question though:  WTF happened to Willa?!?!?!?!  Was she mentioned?  Do we know what happened?  Eric does not seem like the kind of guy who would abandon his child, even if she wasn’t exactly ‘planned’.  And what was the point of all the Bill flashbacks?  They’ve just made me hate him more.

If you ask me, they would have been better scrapping this whole final season and doing a movie length / mini series ending.  Seriously.  Almost all story-lines sound like filler toward an ending which was more bland than a breakfast of cardboard.  Fantastic characters got left out in the cold:  Laffy for example.  Eh characters got more screen time than necessary with info that in the end was so unneeded it wasn’t funny: Tara.  Illogic was the key to almost all the final season: Jess and Hoyt?  seriously?  Sookie and Bill.  Is she brain-dead?

All this being said, stupid stupid me will still buy the final season on dvd when it is released for one reason and one reason only: Alexander Skarsgard.  That man has more acting ability in his little finger than most of the rest of the cast combined.  Actually, Kristen also.  Those two together, on and off screen, is something wonderous to behold.  The chemistry those two have together make me wish they could come up with an idea for a spin-off series just for them.  Their relationship was the most fleshed out and most believable and Alex and Kristen will be the only two careers I will follow post TB.

I will never understand why the writers became so determined to steer away from the fan favourite coupling.  I will never understand why they underutilised so many wonderful characters.  And most of all I will never understand how Anna Paquin could be on screen for longer than three seconds and not have everyone cracking up in laughter at her attempt at a southern accent.  Whenever she had to yell in southern it became a comical display of facial expressions as she forced her mouth to keep in character.  I know the woman won an Academy Award when she was 11 but The Piano was the best thing she has ever done.  She certainly hasn’t improved on it.

I will also never understand what the point was of being given the show equivalent of the Cluvel Dor, (her ball of light ‘gift’), and then doing nothing with it. I assume we were shown Sylvie to give a reason why Eric chose to give Sookie up rather than pursue the woman he loves.  So much of this final season was just plain terrible and I can tell I’ll be pretty much skipping to just the Eric bits when I do get the dvd’s.

So, in the end, I have only one thing I am thankful for when it comes to True Blood and that is discovering the wonderful talent of Alex and Kristen.  I wish them both well in their future projects and hope they both go on to bigger and better things.

Congratulations you two.  You were the best thing about what became a crappy time-waste tv series.


5 thoughts on “Well, that was boring

    • Bill involving Sookie in his suicide is one of the most horrendous, selfish, narcissistic things I have ever witnessed on television. Some Bill fans have tried to argue that is was euthanasia but as others have pointed out, there was a cure. Euthanasia only applies if he had no other option. No, Bill wanted to die and instead of doing so quietly, honourably and with sensitivity, he asked the woman he supposedly loved to kill him. What the flying monkeys of fuck?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! How on earth anyone could decide this was a suitable ending for any character I will never know. If they absolutely had to have Sookie be there when Bill died, couldn’t they have simply done to her what they did to poor Eric with Nora and had him die in bed with her by his side? THAT would have been a death which didn’t make me hate him more than I already do.

      As for them feeling as though the Eric romance would feel forced…… they fricking WROTE the scene between Sookie and Eric when she discovered he was ill. They also wrote all the dialogue where Eric admitted he loved her still. If they absolutely did not intend to give us the ending the majority of fans wanted, then why throw us scenes like this to give us hope? Of that’s right: ratings. They knew if they didn’t give us snippets of the romance we all longed for, fans would have turned off in droves. As it is, I very much doubt they will gain any new fans in syndication. Book fans already peeved off certainly won’t wander over now. Alex is too sweet to admit that Eric’s ending sucked balls. Yes he survived, and with Pam by his side, but wasn’t Eric bored by being ogled each and every night, being put on display? Why on earth would he voluntarily do cheesy infomercials where he will be put on display moreso than he was before?!?!?! I would have been happy if they had shown he and Ginger hooked up in the future because she, unlike other fickle braindead can’tmakeuphermind idiots I can mentioned, loved him continuously from the moment she met him…….much like all of us.

      Sorry for my ranting comment but I am so so miffed at this ending that I want to call the writers the C-word. And I HATE the c-word.

  1. According to the “flash forward” ending, Willa is still working at Merlotte/Bellefleurs and hanging out with the Bon Temps crowd. She is seen sitting at Sookie and Mystery Hubby’s Thanksgiving table, between Hoyt and Arlene, with a giant smile on her face. I like to think she made a life for herself and is happy. I always liked Willa and thought she got the shaft (and not it a good way) from Eric and the TB writers.

    • At least they didn’t kill her off. I still don’t believe Eric would abandon her like that. Not one bit. True they could very well be in touch in the future but since we don’t get to see that, we are lead to believe he just made a child then left her? Excuse me? And we are supposed to accept this knowing that Godric taught him that the blood was / is sacred? I don’t think so……….

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