Just Because

So by now, most people may know that there is a very tense hostage situation occurring just a one hour plane ride away from me.

Luckily, no-one I love is in that building, so for that I am very thankful. That being said, the last time we had a hostage situation here some 18 years ago, it didn’t end so well but did see much stricter gun laws which mean these types of situations are very rare here.

The reason I write this however is because I am so so proud of being Australian right now. I don’t care what anyone else says, right now, Australia is the greatest country on earth at this very moment. The number one tending hashtag on twitter is #illridewithyou. A young woman offered on twitter, to ride on public transport with Muslim people who do not feel safe right now. One wonderful girl reminded us all that what a small group do should never reflect on the group. Westboro church shame Christians and yet we don’t persecute them. Muslims are easily identifiable and therefore easily targeted. I may not personally believe what they do, but I refuse to discriminate one person based on the actions of another.

Right now, my glorious country is reminding the world that you don’t have to react to violence with violence, nor hatred with hatred. Someone may threaten you but your actions are all your own.

I am Australian, and right now, I have never been prouder.



3 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. Great post. Myself as a Muslim woman can freely say that a small group of lunatics cannot and should not identify an entire religion as terorists based on actions of individuals or groups. The same could be said for Jews, what Israel is doing to Muslim people of Palestine, not every Jew in the world is doing that and a large part of them are protesting the politics of Israel. We should all stand united against terror, no matter which religion are those that are commiting the crime!

  2. Happened in my city.

    Sad a madman uses religion as an excuse to kill. He had been just released on bail on Friday. This was nothing to do with religion and more to do with mental health issues which he refused to have treated. Though the assessment was wrong, he was a danger to the community. No-one he figure out how he was able to obtain a gun! We, in Australia, are mourning the loss of two innocent lives lost because of this madman. 😦

  3. Reblogged this on jules3677 and commented:
    A sad day for Australia and Sydney especially. I used to get my morning hot chocolate at that cafe. The staff were delightful. So friendly.

    Still can’t figure out how the madman was allowed bail on Friday.

    So sad.

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