Pet Peeve Incoming…

I have a random query, prefaced by one of my fanfic pet peeves…

I read A LOT of fanfics, (the good ones), so I see this regularly. In fact I do not believe I have EVER read anything different. In fanfics involving Hunter, Sookie is often referred to as ‘Aunt’ Sookie, and Hunter, her nephew. People are aware that the child of your cousin is also a cousin, right?

I have no issue with him calling her Aunt Sookie because he is a child and family relationships can get confusing when it comes to extended and blended families, but not once have I seen a fix where it is explained that he is technically her cousin, and I also frequently read fics where upon first learning of Hunters existence, Eric refers to him as Sookie’s nephew. Eric, of all people, would know the correct term. 

So I guess my question is, do people actually know this but decide to story-telling time to ignore this or do people simply forget?  Again, there is no issue with Hunter calling Sookie his Aunt. He’s a kid!  Of course it’s easier. 


Feel free to comment here!

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