Happy Birthday Alexander Skarsgard!!!!!

Disclaimer:  I’m Aussie so it’s August 25th here and therefore already his birthday.  Just an FYI for the email I received ranting that I was a crappy fan if I couldn’t even get his birthday correct.  He was born in 1976 so is therefore 39, not 37 as well, so ner ner.

Today is a glorious day.  Today is our (my) beloved Skarsy’s 39th birthday.

alex birthday 1

Happy Birthday to Thee!

I’ve given you me!

Why you calling the police?

Coz I’m in this tall tree?

vit me


I personally think today should be a global holiday to celebrate but alas, stuffy politicians do not seem to agree.

Discovering this wonderful man, who will become my future husband if I wish hard enough, has been an adventure.  I have met some absolutely fabulous people.  I have discovered some incredibly talented women who daily astound me with what they can do: Kjwrit, California Kat, Victory in Trouble and TL/NYC.  I’ve discovered some writers that confuse me with their popularity and I’ve met some women who are not so nice (putting that politely).  One thing we all have in common however is our affection for the love story between Eric and Sookie.

Until I die I will never understand why CH decided to crap all over what could have been an amazing series.  I understand she was ticked she was forced to keep Bill when she intended to kill him.  I understand she was peeved she was ‘forced’ to write more books than she intended.  I don’t understand that she blames Alex for the Eric-love considering I’ve spoken with a chick who writes fanfic who has never seen TB and bases her Eric love on just the written version.  I do understand she is the author and can therefore do whatever the heck she wants with her characters but sometimes what you intend is not what happens.

Perfect example!  In Star trek Deep Space Nine, there were two characters: Odo and Kira.  When the writers created these two, they intended for them to be friends.  That was it.  Friends and only friends.  Even the actors wanted their characters to be only friends.  Alas, in the very first season they wrote a scene where Odo discovers something about Kira which disappoints him and the look the actor used at that moment had every fan go, “Oh my god, he’s in love with her!!!!!!”  Even the writers looked at that moment and went, “Well crap.  He’s in love with her”.  They tried very hard to steer everyone away from that line of thinking but it was too late; as far as the fans were concerned, Odo was in love with Kira and no-one could tell them otherwise.  So, over the next six seasons the writers decided to go with it.  When the time came to either keep ignoring it or move it forward, the actors begged for them to ignore it but the writers knew that the fans deserved some kind of acknowledgment and pay-off for years of faithfully following this story and so Odo and Kira became a couple.  Admittedly season 7 wasn’t so kind, (shakes fist), but the fans were satisfied.  All of this because the actor chose to use a certain expression in one tiny scene.

CH gave us thousands of these tiny scenes over many books and yet for reasons only she knows, decided to completely ignore her own lore and character development to give us what is possibly the most brain bleach scene of all time; seal sex.  Without her, however, we would never have gotten to see Alex in the role which has ignited the imagination of so many people.  His ability to put so much emotion into one tiny look has set my heart aflutter many times and I am so grateful to him for doing magnificent work with what became an incredibly stupid show.

So Happy Birthday Alex!  I hope you have a great day, well as great as you can have without knowing me, and I’m sure I speak for many many others when I say I look forward to your future roles.

And now, some gratuitous Skarsporn…..

Be still my Skarsbrow heart

Be still my Skarsbrow heart




And my personal favourite……




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