The Newest Witchhunt on FF

Hello all

As you are all likely aware by now, an individual going by the name of NO MA ALLOWED has begun a witch-hunt of MA material on  The irony is that in order to do so, they have plagiarized material from authors WORDPRESS and TUMBLR sites and posted them on FF as K.  One of the stories she plagiarized links to a tumblr post which contains graphic sexual images.  (Erect penises, naked women, penetration etc).  She also has a list of authors on her profile she is targeting and had the gall to write some extremely hurtful remarks next to EIM’s name, not to mention she ‘follows’ anyone who stands up for the targeted authors.

A lot of us began reporting her on FF and then also calling her out on her hypocrisy on various boards she posted on.  I also personally contacted one such board moderator, as did a few others, and we have a response. So…….

sistersofbattle14 commented on QueenOfAreaFive’s post:

Hey guys,
So, I have been in touch with several people, MODS, and high up people on fanfiction and wordpress. It seems our comments, protests and concerns have hit them big time! We are overloading their systems! WOO! Great job!
I have been told that they are aware of the situation, and looking into this.
However, each writer that has been listed on NO MA’s profile, and writers whose work has been plagiarized MUST contact fanfiction, and use the links that others have posted on here.
It is now in the hands of the writers.
We have brought this to the attention at the top, but now, the writers need to write their points, and we have won.
Well done guys, each comment on here, fanfiction and on other sites has shown loyalty, support, and proves what a great community of friends, writers, readers and reviewers we all are, and can make a difference.

The links she refers to are from this email I received from the moderator I was in contact with….

Having read your explanation fully, I completely understand why you voiced your concern over the matter and that’s perfectly ok. 🙂

However, I did talk to Cats and he gave me the following link to report plagiarized works when they are found:

The group deals with matters of stolen works quickly and swiftly.🙂 You can report the user and your matter will be handled without a delay. 🙂

Now if you go under a thread in my forum named: The True meaning of Cyberbullying, you will find very helpful information about what steps you can take when dealing with a cyberbully. 🙂 Very accurate information as I update it when new information becomes available about the subject. 🙂

So, everyone who has been targeted by this person, GO GO GO!  Report and lets show these cyber bullies what for!

This is the link to the current bullies profile to check to see who is there:

And because I can, a picture of Skarsy to cheer us up


Which order shall I lick those muscles in today?



16 thoughts on “The Newest Witchhunt on FF

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  2. Reblogged this on jules3677 and commented:
    This particular idiot does not deserve to belong in our communities. Let’s report the idiot to administration again, again and again!

  3. Thank you for sharing that info… I have the feeling the mods can see through this person’s insanity and insane tactics…
    I hate the witch hunt tactics and the lack of tolerance this person exhibits (which is not surprising after seeing that horribly cruel comment next to EIM’s name) but also the hypocrisy so after she finally removed the smut stolen from skinfriction, she’s left the stories up with just a self-righteous comment about how she deleted the smut herself and not the admins (sigh) but such posts which are just a short comment and not a story as well as one/two liners are AGAINST FF GUIDELINES so I have called her on that again and reported both stories. If she is going to attack and be rude to people for minimum deviation of FF Guidelines, she should start by not violating them herself, in addition to trying to be a decent human being… after all, isn’t a place to expand your creativity, share it with others, grow as a writer and as a human being with the interactions you have there? Instead she wants to make it into a virtual cyberbullying space? Well, not on my watch… And I know I am not on my own either…

    • I just cannot understand her logic. For some reason I get the impression she is very young, only because she referred to me as old. I had to laugh. How the times have changed!

      Her reasoning is completely flawed and invalidates her whole argument. When I got in trouble for calling her out publicly, that’s when I contacted the moderator to say if NO MA can scream about all of you publicly, then I can return the favour. They seemed to accept that.

      Let’s hope something gets done.

      • I tend to agree with you… her insensitivity to how her actions / words can be hurtful to others do seem to indicate immaturity (whether due to age, I guess probably since she also has loads of time to spend on this) and this misguided obsession with rules against smut… I can’t figure it out really… I suppose conservative/religious values would be the reason to argue so strongly and so indiscriminately (some stories she tags are frankly objectable in my opinion glorifying rape and non consensual, inc. graphid depictions of incest etc. which I personally do find disgusting but I just don’t read them) but the tactic to go against such broad lists of people and being so aggressive and mean, just detracts from any worth her cause may have had… And obviously using plagiarism is just the cherry on top… Personally I think there is a difference between including some M content / sex scenes as part of a larger story vs. a story that is there to showcase graphic sex or be purely PWP but the most important thing to me is that so long the writer provides the appropriate warnings (which 99% of writers do), readers are (or should be) smart enough to pick what they read… Oh well…

      • Exactly! I don’t think her vendetta has anything to do with the smut because if it was, she would post it to ‘make a point’. That’s like trying to ban alcohol by getting drunk.

        Whoever this is, they obviously have issues.

    • She seems to be on a revolving cycle of posting them deleting. It is most likely to try and stay in front of the plagiarism accusations. She deleted those she knows we have reported and posts new ones.

      I still think she is actually someone within the TB community with a vendetta.

  4. I went to and was able to PM her. My message was respectful yet I expressed my outrage at her behavior and I suggested that she cease and desist immediately. Now guess what? She is now following me on my account!!! Since I’m not a writer she will be disappointed. But something occurs to me. She can use
    the listings of our favorite stories or authors to continue her vendetta. This person is not only disturbed, she is diabolical in her approach. The entire fandom needs to follow this situation aggressively and continue to
    let her know this won’t be tolerated.

    • Yes, she started following me after I called her out in one of the threads. She’s not only stalking through ff profiles but she is going through WordPress sites to find new authors to list.

      As mentioned, I have a hunch she used to be part of this community and is now on a vendetta.

  5. it seems guest reviewers who are defending her are telling her press charges on both kjwrit for writing the no ma fic and user named queen45 who was posting in a forum on what no ma was doing. the guest reviewers are telling no ma this because they blame both kjwrit and queen45 for the abuse coming no ma’s way

    • they obviously love handing out the criticism but can’t handle when it comes back to bit them. it’s all just a bit ridiculous now.

      I pointed out to her in a PM several weeks ago that while she thinks it’s ‘just fanfiction’ and that no-one could get her in trouble for plagiarising, fanfic authors have managed to have printed etc works removed due to plagiarism so she should be careful. never did hear back after that one but that is when she started removing some of her profile stuff.

  6. and they say no ma is doing nothing wrong and queen45 and her friends. along with the ones they are coming from kjwrit page are stalking and harassing no ma. think everyone need to just report no ma to and stop reviewing her and she might go away

    • yeah, after i said my piece to her in PM I just chose to ignore her. the admins seem aware that she isn’t exactly reliable as a source because they are very much against plagiarism, especially when one of her ‘stories’ links to extreme ‘porn’.

  7. i said i was sorry to her just wash my hands of her and i removed all the post about her on the forum i was on. i hope she back off me now she mostly likely got what she wanted someone to not post about her.

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