It’s All About Me

Who the heck is MissRon80?!

Hmmmm.  An about me section.  Gosh darn if I don’t hate these.  

Basically I’m a female, I’m in my 30’s and I am a geek.  I love Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica and Firefly and Stargate and Babylon 5 and Farscape and Doctor Who………….  I also love True Blood.  Whoo boy do I love it.  Most especially one red-hot Viking vampire sheriff otherwise known as Eric Northman and thereby the actual man himself Alexander Skarsgard.

I make banners in my spare time but thanks to a dead laptop I have no home computer currently. When I am up and running again I am more than happy to whip some up on request. :-). I also love to beta so am available in the future also. I’m not just a ‘fix your spelling’ beta. If you are serious about writing, then i’m going to fix grammar and sentence structure also. I cannot abide authors being so in love with their own writing they won’t accept the extra help. Writing is more than just spelling.

I love reading, writing, watching scifi and period drama and anything good. I detest Twilight. I love animals and purple and rain and gerbras and winter and Prince Edward Island and Anne of Green Gables and………..

I first got into reading fanfiction several years ago.  I started with Buffy, (massive Giles / Buffy shipper), moved on to CSI (Grissom / Sara), slipped into Labyrinth, (swoon!), popped over into Christy, wandered over to Doctor Who then tripped and fell into a massive pile of crap (Twilight – Jacob fan, but not any longer).  Then, then I found True Blood.  I fell head over heals, ass over tit, bat-shit crazy in love with Alexander Skarsgard.  I also, separately, fell in love with Eric Northman.  I actually don’t like Sookie from the books or the show all that much but I liked how Eric became when he was with her and love what a number of fanfic authors have done with her.  Many have successfully turned her into a decent character.  (Shame the same can’t be said for Isavomit Swan).  Since then, I have almost exclusively lived in the TB / SVM fanfiction world.  Tried a few TVD and Originals fics, but nothing that has floated my boat yet.  Tried a few cross-overs but every single one has been really quite terrible in my opinion.  I am sure I will eventually move on to another fan-base eventually but for now, Eric still has my attention.

11 thoughts on “It’s All About Me

  1. I feel your pain about wordpress! *joins you in shaking fists* but have to agree your site is awesome. If you are a “geek” then I am, too! We should stay up late one night and dish about John Crichton and his tight leather pants. Northman may have my heart now, too, but he did have some predecessors. 🙂

    • OMG!!!! I MET Ben Browder and Claudia Black last year and my poor little heart has never been the same. Happy happy sigh. Actually, I’ve met Ben twice and he is GORGEOUS! and Claudia is so teeny! I also met Gigi (Chiana) and she is my fave in real life now… so lovely. If I can meet Crais my life will be complete

  2. I admire that so much that you went to meet them! I have had a couple of chances to meet some of my heros, at DragonCon in Atlanta, GA, but always pulled up at the last minute. I was terrified as coming off as a doofus to someone I admired as much James Marsters, or Ben Browder. I have this ridiculous fan girl fantasy that if I could just meet them in like a diner or some place low key and talk to them as if I didn’t know who they were that I could have a real conversation with them, and not look like a jack ass. *rolls eyes* I know it probably wouldn’t help, I would be so star struck I would freak my own self out and wind up getting arrested or something. 🙂

    I’ll keep any eye out for Crais appearances and see if we can make your life complete :),

    • I was all ramble the first time I met Karl Urban but having volunteered and been to several geek cons here in Australia I now find I don’t fangirl as much. Now I tend to just smile, say thank you so much for someint all the way here, get my photo and auto and leave. All very polite and forgettable. Sitting next to Patrick Stewart at dinner had me clam up tighter a Swedish bank vault but until Alex, he was my #1 male fantasy. Some celebs I have met I was very disappointed in, (the guy who plays Laffy for example), other pleasantly surprised me, (Alex Merez, one of the wold pack from Twivomit), and others were just as awesome as I hoped and in fact, more so, (Felicia Day, Edward James Olmos, Jason Carter). However, I am fairly certain that should I ever get to meet Alex, an entire police force and a restraining order will be needed to prise me from his person……….

  3. I have just today discovered your site. To find you are a compatriot is just icing on the cake! I am having a bit of trouble with your site but maybe that is at my end, I will persevere! I am also into Farscape and Firefly but am sooo into Eric Northman it should be stopped!! What part of AUS do you hail from, maybe we are neighbours?? I am now going to press the follow button, load a story and read till my eyes bleed. xx

    • Thanks! I am always somewhat stunned when someone comes across my site, particularly since I haven’t got much here and aren’t exactly promoted by anyone else since I got tossed out from the fanfic community. I always appreciate people following me!

      I’ve actually been working on an original story I came up with years ago. I do also have my loooong fic I am working on but it’s all a tad slow going at the moment since I am sans computer and I can’t handwrite like I used to. I’ve decided I’ve got to stop giving myself deadlines because life happens and being single, full-time worker, unwell with no one to support me, I’ve got to take things slower.

      I am indeed a QLDer by the way. It’s always nice ‘meeting’ a fellow southern hemisphere person who is into the same geeky things I am.

      I hope you enjoyed the little I have here and promise that there will be a lovely long chapter fic to read one day. Thanks for following me!

  4. Thanks so much for getting back to me, always amazes me to see I have actually made contact! I am also a QLDer, so how’s that for coincidence! I am completely in awe of the enormity that is the fanfic universe, then to find someone with the same interests who lives near me is unreal. I look forward to your story, take care and be kind to yourself. Jillian xx

    • I always try to reply but unfortunately I have shocking short-term memory so if I don’t do something right away, it is usually never to be remembered without reminders again. Lol.

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