Doctor Who

So Doctor Who was the second fanfiction I ever wrote.  The first was for CSI but alas it has been lost to computer technical issues and I am unsure if I shall ever be able to recover it.  *sad face*

I discovered Doctor Who in 2011 and fell in love with it……and by it I mean David Tennant.  It was kind of odd as I was watching Doctor 9 at the same time as Doctor 11 and then BAM  Doctor 10 pops onto the screen.  Swoooooon.  And I absolutely will not apologise for the fact that I was a Doctor / Rose shipper.  Some Doctor Who fans really hated it as it made the Doctor too human but I loved it for that same reason as well as the fact that Rose was an every-girl; just an ordinary girl who found an extraordinary love.  I like to think this gives hope to all of us girls who aren’t all that spectacular.

As soon as I watched a certain episode that ended on a beach with two hunky Doctors I got miffed…. miffed because every fanfic I read I had the human Doctor turn out to be an asshole (apologies for the language).  This really annoyed me and so my fanfic writing was reapplied.  I have another story I started that I lost 6 of the 7 chapters for in an annoying computer crash.  I saved chapter one but lost everything else and I’ve never had the heart to try and reconstruct it.  I shall post that here also though as maybe, just maybe, it might get my butt into gear and work on it again.

Anyhoo, this section is like the TARDIS……so much more on the inside.



One thought on “Doctor Who

  1. I lost my stuff over the beach scene, too. Cursed and railed for days. A Time Lord that can’t keep track of two minutes. Really? Grrr. Love the “open the tardis” idea. To quote the 10th, “Brilliant!” 🙂

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