True Blood / SVM Favourites

While I have been reading fanfiction for a few years now, no two characters have captured me the way that Eric and Sookie have and I believe its a travesty the way “She Who Shall Not Be Named” and the writers of True Blood have and are treating them considering just how large a percentage of their fans wish for their Happily Ever After.  I will never understand why the author and the writers fail to put them together when so so many of the fan base want nothing more than for the big bad Viking sheriff and his adored fairy waitress to be together.  Thank goodness for fanfiction.

Below are links to some of my all-time favourite stories and / or authors, depending on if the author has more than one story I love.




The Arrangement is one of those stories that has people divided.  We know that it is an Eric and Sookie endgame, and yet, rather than creating an Eric we automatically love and ‘root’ for, Texanlady and NYCSnowbird have created an Eric that is flawed, violent, aggravating and confusing.  They have chosen to portray an Eric that is so steeped in being a vampire that he can no longer see the man within.  It is a controversial choice, but one that I am willing to go along with.  It is true that this story no longer updates as often as desired, but both the writers have had real-life situations that quite rightly must take priority, however what is currently written is amazing and should be read.  There are elements that I do not like about this story, and scenes that I completely do not agree with, but as a whole, I adore TA and cannot wait for the day I see the words, THE END.


Pretty Kitty is one of my favourite stories, and one of the top 5 I have ever read.  This is also still a work in progress but we are getting toward the end now!  Originally a story I read then forgot about, when I rediscovered it I ensured I would not forget it again.   Almpst the entire reason for loving this story, for me anyway, is simply that Eric adores Sookie and the way ficlit writes him as me swooning like a Bieber tween fangirl.  Definitely needs to go on everyones To Read list.


“Back & Forth” and “Come Back to Me” are the two stories for which I love California Kat.  Back & Forth brings our beloved duo together while Come Back to Me forces them to fight for their love.  California Kat is, unfortunately, known for her lengthy angsty stories.  I am personally not a fan of angst, real-life providing enough of that for me, so I do admit that I struggle with many of her works.  Come Back to Me is not an easy read if you do not like angst, but I fell in love with it at a time I had not really read much angsty prior.  While it is a hard slog, it remains one of my favourite stories and I recommend it for those who do not mind their HEA taking a while!


Kjwrit was the first AH story I ever read, (All In), and it has firmly remained in my top 5 Eric / Sookie stories ever.  She writes with a wit few others can replicate, and somehow perfectly captures the essence of these two characters.  Her Sookie’s are gutsy and feminine, while her Eric’s are masculine yet tender.  Each of her stories are incredibly well written and, something that makes me love her most of all, is mostly angst free.  Her characters go through the angst together and grow from it.  If you haven’t given her a try yet, what are you waiting for!!!!????  Get cracking!!!!







One thought on “True Blood / SVM Favourites

  1. Awww, thank you for including me in your recs!!! I can’t wait to be able to include you in…well, maybe by then I’ll have MADE a rec page… 😀 Thank you, gorgeous!! YOU ROCK!!!

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