Fixing Fan-fiction Fuckery

I give you “Fixing Fan-fiction Fuckery!”  In this section you will find a series of short stories that ‘fix’ situations in fanfiction that make my skin crawl and eye twitch.  A series of short stories that go the way I think things would go if this crap was pulled in real life.  I know not everyone will agree with me.  I know that a lot of people love these things when they crop up in stories.  I don’t HATE them as such; they just bug me that this is how people automatically see these characters behaving.  (eg Eric is this macho dom guy and Sookie is a doormat).  I personally believe Eric likes Sookie’s fire and Sookie wouldn’t put up with his crap.  Enjoy!  And I hope the rest of you enjoy also.

P.S.  About 18 months ago, I got into a discussion with my housemate about penises.  Of course this eventually lead to a certain picture of a certain Swede I love immensely.  Now, I have never seen a naked man in real life before.  Never.  So I commented about the ‘size’ of said appendage and she asked my opinion.  I said that I thought it was large for flaccid.  I mentioned this in a chat group and a hilarious catch-phrase was born!  I intend on writing a one-shot one day dedicated to the phrase Large for Flaccid.  And it will be a FFF story.  Stay tuned!


imagination monkey

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