Sweat dripped from Sookie’s body as Eric thrust into her from above; his hands gripping her hips as he watched himself disappearing inside her.  Sookie’s breath came out in panting gasps as every nerve ending tingled with pleasure.

Looking down at her, Eric found himself feeling a sense of male-pride, knowing that he was the one giving her pleasure and if he had his way, he would be the ONLY one to give her such pleasure for the rest of their lives.

Slowing his thrusts, Eric left her teetering on the edge of pleasure as he changed the angle to deliberately keep her on the edge.  Sookie groaned in frustration as she tightened her legs around his hips.

“Move baby, please.”

Eric leaned down to capture her lips with his own as he kept his thrust slow and shallow.

“Do you want to cum, Sookie?” he asked.

“Yes, oh God yes” Sookie cried as she arched into him in an attempt to get him to move faster.

“Beg me”, Eric said, his voiced filled with lust.  “Who do you want to make you cum?  Who owns this pussy?”

Shaking her head slightly to clear her mind of the lust-filled haze that consumed her, Sookie looked up into Eric’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Beg me.  Tell me what you want.  Tell me that it’s me you want to make you cum.  Tell me”, Eric demanded as he thrust once sharply into her.

Suddenly feeling not so sexy, Sookie glared up at Eric.  “You want me to beg?  What the hell Eric!  Get the fuck off me!”

Startled by the sudden change in Sookie’s mood, Eric complied and moved off her and watched as she got up from the bed and stormed into the bathroom before slamming the door.

What the fuck just happened?” Eric thought as he stared hard enough that the closed door to bore a hole into it.

In the past, Eric had often demanded his partners beg to cum.  The ego trip he got from knowing that he was the one that controlled their pleasure was enough to fuel his own desire.  Never before had he had someone storm off in the middle of sex because of it, finding that the women were usually more than happy to beg him.  He usually didn’t care before if they actually orgasmed or not, seeking his own pleasure first and foremost, but Sookie was different.  Eric found that he got more pleasure from watching Sookie get hers than he did from his own, with him cumming as a direct result of Sookie reaching her completion more often than not, so to have her suddenly leave their bed was more than a bit frustrating for him.

Eric was just about to get up and go knock on the door when it was thrust open forcefully by a now fully-dressed Sookie and watched as she stormed back into the room and went straight for her purse.  Realising that she was going to leave without uttering a single word, Eric was out of the bed and dressed in a pair of low-riding jeans before she even had the chance to straighten up.

Vamping in front of her, Eric reached out a hand and took her chin carefully in his hand.

“Sookie, talk to me.  What just happened here?” he asked, pleading with his eyes for understanding.

“Really, Eric?  Really?  You have no clue at all why I might be pissed off with you right now?”

Shaking his head, Eric continued to look at her in confusion.

“We were right there, making love and suddenly you were gone.  I don’t understand what I said to piss you off.”

Laughing without any feeling behind it, Sookie stepped away out of Eric’s touch, and crossed her arms in the universal women’s body language that meant “You are so in trouble Mister”.

Glaring at him, Sookie continued to just stand there.  Eric might be a 1000 year-old Viking vampire, but in that moment he was a man, a man who was very much afraid of his woman.  Fuck, when did he get so pussy-whipped.

Taking a step back to sit on the edge of the bed, Eric sighed and looked down at his hands.  “Make me understand Sookie.  I don’t know what I did wrong.  Did I hurt you?”

Feeling her anger dissipate slightly, Sookie grabbed the chair from the corner and set in in front of Eric before taking a seat in it.  Tucking her feet under her, she shook her head in frustration that while Eric might be older than dirt, he was still struck by attacks of ‘male-dumb’ at times.

“Think back Eric.  Think about what just happened and you tell me why you think I’m pissed off”.

Doing as she said, Eric though back over the last few moments of pleasure they shared before somehow forcing her from his bed.

“I really don’t know.  One moment I was thrusting inside of you, feeling your warmth around me, lost in how much I love you and the next you were gone.  We were both right there.  We were both so close.  I asked you if you wanted to cum and next thing I know you were pissed”.

“There!  Right there!”, Sookie cried.  You ‘asked’ me if I wanted to cum?  No no no.  I believe your exact words were that you wanted me to beg you.”

“Beg.  Ask.  What’s the difference?  Either way I was just trying to help us both reach a mind-blowing orgasm.”

“Whats the difference?  You seriously don’t know, do you Viking?,” Sookie asked as she set her forehead in her palm.

“Does it matter?”, Eric asked.  “Does it really matter so long as we both get to where we want to go?”

“Yes it matters, Eric!”, Sookie cried as she stood once more from the chair and began pacing behind it.  “It matters a lot!  One means you see me as an equal, your partner, the woman you supposedly love and are giving pleasure to.  The other means you see me as nothing more than a plaything, a fuck-toy, a pet!  A pet Eric!  I’m not a freaking dog!”.

Startled by the venom in her voice, Eric stood and walked over to her, forcing her to stop her pacing.  Grabbing her by the tops of her arms, Eric looked down at Sookie with a mixture of hurt and anger.

“Never say that about yourself again, do you hear me!  Of course you aren’t my pet!  You mean more to me than any pet ever could.  You are the only woman I have ever loved in my thousand years and the only woman I will love for a thousand more!”

Tearing up at his declaration, Sookie allowed herself a moment to lean forward into Eric’s broad chest and let herself let the anger momentarily go.  Sensing that she was letting him have this moment, Eric wrapped his arms around her and tucked her head under his chin.  He was royally fucked if his little fairy-barmaid could affect him so easily.  For fucks sake, just having her let him hold her made him feel like a giant sappy love-sick boy.  Sinking his nose into her hair, Eric breathed the scent of her in.  The smell of her had no equal in this world that he knew of and it went straight to his cock.  Knowing that she wasn’t ready yet to let him pick up where they left off, Eric let her go and took a step back.

Sookie allowed herself a small smile.  “Maybe my big idiot can be taught after all!”

Indicating that he should sit again, Sookie sank back into the chair across from him.

“Of course I don’t think you see me as a pet, Eric.  That’s not what I meant.  What I meant was that when you asked me to beg, it made me feel like a pet”.

“But I don’t understand,” Eric replied.  “Why did it make you feel that way?  I was just dirty talking like I always do.  You usually like when I talk that way”.

Blushing slightly remembering the things he usually said, Sookie answered, “I do like how you talk to me, usually.  I love it actually.  Hearing you talk about the way I make you feel, or how you want to make me feel, about what you want to do to me…. All of that is amazing and hot and I love it, but asking me to beg you to let me come?  It feels cheap and dirty and I feel like a whore.”

His face darkening again hearing Sookie describe herself in such a way, Eric fought to contain his anger.  “Buy you haven’t explained why.”

Realising that he really wasn’t getting it Sookie prepared herself for the anger that would most likely follow her next statement.

“Because begging is something people gets dogs to do as a trick.  Begging is something someone does to a whore.  Begging is basically something someone does to someone else they don’t care about.  And it is usually the actions of a man who needs the ego boost to feel better about himself. ‘Oooh look at me.  I’m the one controlling you.  It’s me that gets to make you cum.  It’s all about me and how I feel.  I made you cum.  You can’t cum unless I want you to.  At any time I can stop and you won’t get to cum.  See how powerful I am!’  It’s the actions of a coward, Eric”.

Momentarily angered that Sookie was implying he was a coward, Eric forced himself to fight down his automatic reaction and think about what she said.  For long moments there was no sound in the room but that of Sookie’s soft breaths and steady heartbeat.  She sat back in the chair and watched him as he thought over what she had said, feeling proud of her man that he was willing to learn.

Several minutes later, Sookie could feel regret coming through the bond and she was heartbroken to see his eyes had filled with blood-tinged tears.  Rushing forward, she settled herself in his lap and held him to her.

“Oh Eric, no!  Don’t feel like that!  I know that’s not what you really think nor how you really are!  I just think that you spent so long not caring about anybody on purpose that you got into certain habits that aren’t going to translate well in a relationship.  I’m sure there are some women out there that would get off on all that crap but I’m not one of them and I think that’s one of the things you love about me.  I’m NOT them and I DO fight you.  It wouldn’t be real love if I didn’t call you out on the bullshit!”

Crushing her to his chest, Eric took deep breaths to force back the sobs that threatened to tear from his chest.  It was true; he did love her fire, he did love that she wasn’t any of those women and he did want her to call her out on his bullshit.  He knew she would want the same from him and couldn’t fault her for it.  She was his equal, his partner.  Yes he was 1000 years old, yes he was a Vampire and therefore stronger and faster than her, but only an equal could have won his heart the way she had won his.

Kissing her hair, his words mumbled by it, he said, “I am so sorry Sookie.  I didn’t realize how it would come across.  My whole life women have looked at me and have seen a man that was strong and then when we came out of the coffin, a vampire who was very old.  They all expected certain behaviours from me and I guess I assumed you would also.  I was wrong.  So wrong.  Please forgive me?”

Pulling away from him slightly, Sookie cupped Eric’s face in her hands, “Of course I forgive you, you big dill.  I’m sorry I overreacted but it just caught me so off guard and made me so angry I just saw red.”

Closing the distance between them slowly, Eric kissed her lips softly and sweetly; a kiss filled with promise and love as a demonstration of just how much he regarded her feelings.

“I swear I will never do that to you again.  If truth be told, I love watching your face as you cum and somehow now, getting you to beg for it wouldn’t make it as sweet”.

Blushing furiously, Sookie slapped him on the shoulder!

“Oi!  No nasty talk from you mister!”

“But Sookie,” Eric purred as he began to nuzzle into her neck, “it’s one of my most favourite things in the world, surpassed only by the sounds you make as I thrust into you, hearing you pant as I brush my cock against your clit, nibbling your nipples and feeling your fingernails bite into my back.  Feeling your wet heat surround me as I push into you…………”

Bright red now, Sookie squirmed in Eric’s lap as she felt the effect of his words on her libido.

Chuckling, Eric stood and set her on her feet.

“You know you are more to me than just a fuck-toy, right?  You do know that my all-time most favourite things of all is hearing you say you love me?”

Slamming her hand against her mouth, Sookie began to cry from Eric’s sweet words.  Eric continued to chuckle as he pulled her in for another hug.

“Come on. Let me take you out for some ice-cream”.

Sookie took Eric’s hand in his as she reached for her purse.

“That sounds perfect”.


19 thoughts on “WOOF?

  1. Fantastic! If only. LOVED IT, and I cannot stop laughing! To think of a scenario such as this being written for real in FF world leaves me laughing, but this was perfect!

  2. Did he put on a shirt before they left cause that’d cause mass hysteria… Lol loved it and giggled through several of the comments, being afraid if his woman was one of them. Her thought of training him, though not said out loud sort of feels contradictory to the point she’s trying to make. You train a pet, if you have to train a significant other they aren’t right for you, at least in my mindscape.

  3. Oh, I have just read this yummy little piece, what a treat! LOL! Yes! Enough with the ‘begging’! Thank you for calling it out, one of those things that irk the shit outta me. Eric doesn’t need to grant Sookie permission to… well, you know… and she doesn’t need to ask for one! Sheesh! I just wish we could find the very first fanfic that introduced this screwed up scenario and have a serious chitchat with the author, hahaha! I hope you’ll get to write about Sookie who jumps from one lover to another in a blink of an eye and manages to have true feelings. Or about Pam being so much in love with fashion she forgets she doesn’t give a shit about channels or diors. Looking forward to whatever you come up with next!

  4. You are a great writer and have a special talent for lemony goodness 😉
    You should write some more Eric and Sookie fics for all of us fangirls who are deeply disappointed in the direction She Who Will Not Be Named and True Blood have taken them. We would appreciate it greatly 🙂

  5. I get irked too whenever I see the whole Dom thing pop up, though I’m highly allergic to an overly sweet effeminate Eric too. From a psychological point of view it doesn’t even make sense to me. The ones roaming around on all fours wearing diapers and getting ‘dominated’ are high powered CEO’s and the like, it’s all about the reversal and relinquishing of control to unload a burden they carry in daily life. Not sweet innocent girls (who in Sookie’s case have been molested, that’s the most wrong aspect about it to me in that setup) who wish to be smacked around for no good reason because it makes their twinkle caves throb with sensation.

    • Thank-you!!!!! My point EXACTLY! If anyone would be sub it would be Eric and if anyone would be Dom it would be Sookie because she would crave the control due to her lack of it generally.

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