Allan Hyde

Allan Hyde, mmmmmm.  He is of course best known as Godric, Eric’s 2000 year old maker who we met in season 2.  Their scenes together were so heart-wrenching, so tender, so filled with love that we all came to realise that there was more to Eric than he likes to let on.  Through Godric we got to learn that there is a tender side to Eric that loves deeply, protects furiously and will lay down his life to protect.

Allan was born December 20, 1989, is Danish, works his butt off in his homeland and most of all, is very good at what he does.  Seriously, for a little fella he is scary talented.  (Recently he wrote a short film that he was asking for donations for to help make.  I was very proud to give toward his project to help out because it isn’t often I am impressed with someone and I am very impressed with him and his passion for what he does.)

So please, feel free to take a moment with me and appreciate him below………

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