Colin O’Donoghue / Captain Swan

I am not really a girly girl, so when I was growing up I played with cars, watched my dad and uncle fix cars and hung out with my dad when he played cricket.  Due to this, I was never really into the whole ‘Princess’ thing.  Even though, as I grew up, I come to love and appreciate the Disney movies, my reasons for loving and adoring Beauty and the Beast always fell more toward the “He gave her a LIBRARY!” and “She fell in love with his heart, not his face” side of things.  I always wished there was a fairytale I could relate to.  It only took 30ish years but I finally got it in the form of Once Upon a Time.  I loved that Emma Swan, while the daughter of fairytale characters, was very much a woman of this world.  She was flawed, distrustful, and knew that happy endings were sometimes not possible.  She was gutsy, she was vivacious and most of all she was relatable.

Season 2 however is when I truly fell in love with this show.  I am not at all ashamed to admit that it was due to a certain pirate that ‘Hooked’ me from the moment I saw him.  Over the seasons as we have watched these two, to me, Killian Jones / Hook is what a true prince should be.  He loves Emma, flaws and all, and lets her be what she needs to be.  He accepts her as is and along the way has found himself changed for the love of her.  He has been willing to give up his own heart’s desire to see that hers is fulfilled and to me, nothing is sexier or more romantic than that.

The fact that Colin O’Donoghue is sex on legs is just a wonderful, happy, eye-candy bonus!


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