The Ways in which They are the Same

For quite some time, I have marvelled at how aggressively passionate some people are when it comes to one of the Big Three vampire series:  The Vampire Diaries, True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries and Twilight.  Fans fight and argue and abuse those of other fandoms, citing that theirs is better than the others for blah reasons.  I have watched all three in their television / movie formats and read two of the thee book series so I can tell you that in many MANY ways, these series are extremely similar; so similar in fact that I sometimes wonder if the latter two of this group perhaps ‘borrowed’ from TVD?  What follows is a VERY basic outline of just the character profiles.  Giggle and enjoy with me.

The Vampire Diaries (1991)

True Blood / SVM (2001) Twilight (2005)

Character Description



The sexy / dangerous character hiding a heart of gold.  This character adores, wrongly or rightly, the female protagonist and tends to blur the lines between right and wrong.  Someone completely comfortable with what he is, he only begins to question himself through the eyes of the woman he loves.




Whiny, stupid hair and hates what he is.  Turned against his will he also loves the female protagonist, sometimes bordering on the obsessive.  Two of the three are turned by women who claim to love them; it is an unhappy relationship.  This character also has a violent streak which is in contradiction to their apparent gentlemanly demeanor.  Blood-thirsty at heart, they work hard to curb that desire.  Two of the three also had a wiser older vampire to help them through their wilder years and bring them back to ‘normal’.  Both these need to exist on animal blood.




The female lead, she is also whiny, annoying, hates what she is and yet somehow manages to capture the heart of every male around her.  Seemingly willing and able to forgive everyone else including the whiney douchey guy, she blames the ine person who truly loves her for everything bad in her life. She isn’t meant to be conventionally beautiful yet still attractive.  She is a danger magnet: There is something mystical about her that also attracts trouble.  (Doppelgänger, telepathy, shield)




Yet another guy in love with the lead female, he is mostly human but forever friend-zoned.




The wolf who thinks he is the shiz but really, he isn’t.



The witch that always seems to have an answer for everything that involves magic, but inevitably it gets people in trouble.



The wise older woman who could have guided them all but died too soon.


Appius / Lorena

The crazy maker/relative obsessed with the one they turned who just can’t seem to let go.




The pretty blonde with fashion sense, she seems like a ditz but has an amazing brain going on behind those pretty eyes.  A tragic story in her past, she is probably the smartest of them all.  She’s been turned by the sexy one.




The normal character forced to be supernatural.



The way the vampire can control the humans

Doppelganger Blood

Fairy Blood

It’s apparently better than sex.

Founding Family



The crazy group hell-bent on keeping vamps in-line, even if it means killing all of them.

I am sure there are many more similarities but this is just a basic outline.  When it comes down to it, it’s all about the writing of the person who ‘created’ them and really, only one writer of this group was any good.  Funny how the others are so similar to her………



11 thoughts on “The Ways in which They are the Same

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  2. I laughed outloud at this! I’ve only read or seen SVM/TB and Twilight, but the similarities are astounding as well as hilarious. One thing, though…did you mean to put Gran instead of Octavia in the “wise older woman” category under SVM/TB?

  3. Good one! I’ve never seen Vampire diaries but it appears with the similarities to the others, I don’t need to.

    And who said something ’bout Wendy? LEMME ATUM!

    Thanks for the smile.

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